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How can we help you?

Sommet Marketing c'est une équipe passionnée qui a comme objectif d'aider les entreprises québécoises

à grandir et à atteindre leur plein potentiel. 

Comment on fait ça? 

La réponse est simple!

Tout ce que nous faisons est basé sur le travail d'équipe.

Nous ne connaissons pas toutes les réponses, car personne ne connaît mieux votre entreprise que vous-mêmes!

C'est pour cette raison que travailler seul est impossible...

Nous avons besoin de vous et de vos valeurs pour vous aider à atteindre votre plein potentiel. 

Notre rôle c'est de vous donner les outils et le petit coup de pouce que vous avez besoin pour réaliser vos objectifs.

Sommet Marketing = Travail d'équipe

How can we help you?

Hello everyone,

Maybe some of you are wondering  who is the mysterious person behind the Summit company. And yes it's me! I am a mother of two beautiful boys, one of whom has been diagnosed with level 3 non-verbal autism. In the last years, I had to climb several peaks, which allowed me to grow through this and to see through the eyes of my son that love and perseverance give us hope and that we can get there.

After losing my job due to a job abolition, I decided to start my business. So I can now promote not one, but several companies and be present for the daily challenges that my son experiences every day.

I am a young entrepreneur who has been working in the field of business development for several years. What makes me passionate about everything that attracts and promotes the image of a company. From the creation of promotional posters, to presentation documents, the creation of  logos and looking for new goals, to increase my clients' profits. Be sure, I always give my 110%.

Summit is a small business that I built  with heart and determination. I wish to share this passion with you through the creations that I will make for you. I want to offer you quality services at an affordable price. Advertising and social networks these days are important in starting a business. If this is not done in the golden rules, your investment will have been for nothing. I want to help companies that need to stand out and I believe that in life, everyone has the right to a little help.

Starting a business is not an easy thing. It is in the beginning that it is essential to have support. The financial means are not the same as large companies, but it is still imperative to receive help and without adding financial stress.


You want to see your turnover grow! Well, make an online request and I will be happy to communicate with you.


With pleasure,

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